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Can visitors bring their pets?

NO, we are sorry, but no pets are allowed at the Farm for the safety and comfort of our animals and other guests.  Pets are also not allowed in the parking lot. Do not leave pets locked in vehicles. For your pet’s comfort and safety, please leave them comfortably at home.

Are cigarettes, and e-cigarettes allowed?

YES: In our designated smoke spot only!!

Can visitors bring outside food and drinks?

YES, food and drinks are permitted (No Alcohol). Food is permitted in designated areas ONLY, and NO cooking devices of any kind are allowed. Guest MUST clean up after themselves. (Garbage that ends up in animal pens can cause serious harm if ingested)

What is the cost of Water?

Our bottled water is only $1.00

Is there room to park my R.V. or Trucks with Trailers?

NO, we are sorry, but at this time, we cannot accommodate Parking for RVs or Trucks with Trailers. (We do have plans to expand our parking lot in the near future)

Is there a dress code at the Farm?

YES, bare feet are NOT allowed on the Farm. Please wear closed-toed footwear. Dress appropriately for the season. Guests must supply their own sun block and bug spray.

Can I use my Access 2 Card?

YES – we are a member of the Easter Seals Canada program and we honor the Access 2 card. Photo ID may be requested.

Are there toilets or washrooms?

YES, Porta-Potty Washrooms and Hand-Washing stations are available at the Farm. YES, wheelchair-accessible Porta-potties are on site.

Is there a private breastfeeding area and diaper change station?

YES, we provide a private shaded area with comfortable chairs for breastfeeding parents.

YES, we have a designated diaper change table in a shaded spot.

Is the Farm easily accessible?


Those with mobility requirements can access most areas without assistance. Some people may have challenges with some terrain since Sassy G’s is a farm.

What kind of activities does Sassy G's offer?

OVER 35+++ ACTIVITIES for all ages.

All activities are outdoors. There are also dedicated areas for those under the age of 6. 

Can we buy tickets online?

YES, we encourage everyone to purchase tickets online to secure a spot and SAVE $$. There are limited numbers allowed in each time slot during the day. If you show up without a ticket and there is space, we will happily accommodate you.

NOTE: walk-up fee is $5.00 more per person.

How much do the tickets cost?

To view ticket costs, please view the admissions page.

Will the ticket fees cover all activities?

Admission covers all activities except for Water Gun, Friendly Fire, and Soft Shot Games. Friendly Fire and Soft Shot are $4.00 per person, Water Gun Park is $3.00 per person. Payment gives you 10 minutes of play time.

Is there an age limit for visitors?

NO, people of all ages are welcome at Sassy G’s Adventure Farm.

BUT, anyone 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Can we attend the Farm under the influence?

NO, anyone suspected to be under the influence of any substance will be asked to leave the premises.

Are there Guided Farm Tours?

NO, it is a Self-Directed Adventure. Visit all the Pens and Read the Storyboards to learn about the animals.

Are there Group Rates?

We do have special rates for schools, registered childcare businesses, and Sports Teams. Give us a call.

Are there season Passes?

No, Season passes are expensive so we just keep our Admission Fees low so you can come enjoy the Farm on more than one occasion.

Are there Birthday Party Packages?

The Birthday Person gets in free, and we will reserve a group of tables for you to bring your own food and decorations:


Does Sassy G's sell year passes or memberships?

No, we keep our admission low so that it is easy to make multiple trips back with your family. Other businesses that do offer yearly passes will also have higher fees to offset the repeat visitors.

Is Sassy G's a Farm animal Rescue?

No, we do have a few rescues on the farm, but we are not a rescue. Any time a new animal is brought on to the farm it is quarantined for approximately 3 months to ensure it has not brought any diseases from its original home that could potentially infect our family of animals.

Gift Cards, Does Sassy G's Sell them?

YES, on the website hit the Book Now button. You will immediately see the option to buy a gift card. You can pre-pick the amount or the number of tickets, and send it directly to them.

Does Sassy G's give out donations or sponsorships?

Every year on Thanksgiving Sassy G’s will be dedicating all of the allocated donation and sponsorship money to the Stollery Children’s Hospital. We are sorry we can not help each and every request.

Why does Sassy G's Not have a Petting Zoo?

Petting Zoo animals are pulled from their mom’s at a day old to make them Human Friendly and human reliant. Then, at the end of the petting zoo season they are often taken to market because a new crop of babies will be next year’s petting zoo attractions. Sassy G believes in keeping families together and letting them have their moms milk for as long as possible. The Only time we have bottle babies is if we have to intervene for the babies or the moms health.

Can we buy grain to feed the animals?

No, feeding animal’s grain all day is like feeding your children white bread with Sugar spread on it. Long term, It can lead to obesity which can cause Hoof issues, arthritis, diabetes as well as heart and liver disease, just to name a few.

Short term it can also cause Acidosis, slowing of the gut, dehydration and often death.

Where do the Farm Animals go in the winter?

The exotic animals like the emu and peacocks will go into the barn, but the other animals like the sheep, goats, cattle, and Yaks will have their shelters winterized so they can get out of the cold and wind. The quality of feed is carefully considered to help ensure their daily calorie requirements are met. Just like wild animals, they all grow extra wool or hair and body fat to keep them protected.

What is the difference between Hay and Straw?

A bale of hay and a bale of straw may look similar but they are very different.

Hay is grown specifically for the purpose of feeding animals in the winter months when fresh grass is not available. Depending on the animal and their requirements, Hay is often made from a combination of nutritional yummy grasses and legumes.

Straw is the leftover stalks and chaff from cereal crops like oats and barley. After the grain has been removed the rest of the plant is baled and is used for comfy bedding for the animals to sleep on.

Colorful playground with a huge slide for kids.

Adventure Park & Farm Rules

  • Participants in any activities assume all risks of personal injury. These include risks that are inherent to being on a farm and taking part in any activities, such as land conditions, animals’ unpredictable behavior, and mother nature.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety & supervision of their children at all times. An adult must accompany any child who is 14 or under.
  • Guests must read all signs and instructions before entering any new section of the Farm.
  • Guests must wear their admission wristbands at all times.
  • Sassy G’s employees have the right to ask anyone to leave the Farm!!!
Colorful playground with a huge slide for kids.
A customer looking at a cow in an enclosure.

Staying Safe Around Animals

  • Remember that animals can bite and kick.
  • Keep your hands out of the pens we are a Farm Viewing Zoo!
  • Do not enter the pens!!
  • Do not open locked gates. Please don’t climb on any fences or gates.
  • Make sure to wash your hands before and after touching any animals.
  • Please dispose of garbage properly. Litter can harm the animals if ingested.
  • Do not feed the animals. Human food can harm animals.
  • Remember, Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety & supervision of their children at all times. An adult must accompany any child who is 14 or under.
  • Participants in any activity assume all risks of personal injury.

We Follow AHS Guidelines and Regional Weather Safety Alerts

  • We will be open Rain or Shine but will Close for severe Weather conditions like Lightning Storms and Tornado Conditions.
  • AED and First Aid Kit on Site.

Directions To The Farm

BEST WAY to find us:

1. Type “Sassy G’s Adventure Farm” into GOOGLE
2. Our GOOGLE Business page will pop up
3. Hit the “Directions” button
4. Look for the Purple Flags and The Sassy Sign.


Type this into your Maps Destination: Latitude and Longitude: 53.370999,-113.909075

Directions To The Farm

  1. Type “Sassy G’s Adventure Farm” into GOOGLE or Apple Maps.
  2. Our Business page will pop up
  3. Hit the “Directions” button
  4. Look for the Purple Flags and the purple gates.


Type this into your MAPS: 53.370999,-113.909075

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