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Children aged 2-5 years old can enjoy hours of existing activities. Plus, they get to see our feathered and furry farm animals and learn a little about farm life. Fresh air, fun activities, and farm animals – what more could they ask for?

Best Time Ever!

Parent Groups

The Farm provides an opportunity for parents to relax, sip their coffee, and chat with other parents while their children play in the fresh country air. Kids will have the best sleep ever after a few hours here.

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Sassy G’s is the perfect place to book your school trip. The farm offers a learning opportunity to meet your curriculum. Learn about farm animals and farming in Alberta, and then let the kids challenge each other or the teachers to obstacle courses throwing games, or even the tractor pull.

Sounds like fun to me!!!

Why Choose Sassy G's
for Your School Trip?


Easy to meet your curriculum requirements. All of our animal pens have a “Did You Know” sign, which will introduce you to its occupants with their names, a little history about them, little-known facts about their species, and how they fit into the Alberta farm life and its economy. (For example: Did you know that sheep and goats only have bottom teeth!)

After an educational visit with the animals, the class can enjoy some good old-fashioned fresh air exercise. Obstacle courses, throwing games, a giant board game where they are the pawns, or for the more cerebral in the class, they can challenge each other to wall ball or a game of giant chess.


With acres of space, the Farm allows classes to enjoy the animals and the adventure park without being crowded. Lots of room for everyone to play, interact and enjoy. 

Enjoy Outdoor Fresh Air

Enjoy Outdoor Fresh Air

All of the activities are outdoors, and the kids can play alone or together. There are individual challenges, or they can compete with each other. They can enjoy a game of Giant Checkers, Outdoor twister, Milk a Cow (not a real cow), or run through the obstacle courses. Don’t forget to ask us to take a class picture on the Giant bales stack!

Have Fun

Our park is the perfect place for kids of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to have fun, play games, and create lasting memories.

School Trips at Sassy G’s
Adventure Farm

Weekday School Trips

School trips are only offered on weekdays. Contact us directly to book your time.

Outdoor Picnic Area

Classes are welcome to bring their own lunches. Part of our booking will include picnic table reservation.

Share HOURS of Fun at Our
Adventure Farm!

Grandpa and Granny would love to share their story with you in person! Come join us at the farm and maybe even help us with the chores. Our farm is here for you to create happy memories with your family and friends.